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ZAE street soccer aims at bolstering the emerging game of street soccer in India, by providing a common ground of congruous competition among the various teams, teams hailing from streets and districts throughout India. In previous seasons, ZAE soccer tournament experiences participation of 150 teams from most of the diversities in our country every season. ZAE is growing every year with all love and blessings.

So, all the soccer freaks get ready as ZAE brings you a chance to unleash yourself in ZAE season of cage street soccer.

According to sources , India is said to harbour a third of world’s total poverty. In a country with a population of 150 billion and still burgeoning ,we ,at ZAE believe in utilising the available resources for a greater benefit of the society. And that is what we work for. Our TRUST , ZAE trust works for strengthening the economically weaker section of our society. the people who are very much neglected by rest of the country’s population. Our TRUST aims for individualistic self-growth of these people by providing them with a platform to learn things by organizing cultural events ,sports events and other indulging activities . Needless to mention , the TRUST also works to provide them with the basic necessities and resources for their progress.

We believe it’s the responsibility of us , the younger generation to help the people in the best possible way. Hence , by participating in ZAE event ,you are not only promoting your own self-growth ,but also promoting the growth of the people in need.

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- AE truly care about the youth of the country with the non-profit organization dedicated for the welfare of the ones in need.

- During our events and workshops we give equal opportunities to all .

- We hope that this aspect of ZAE will encourage people to participate and encourage everyone to be involved in their community in a positive way.

"Feel the difference"

The Youngest country (INDIA) needs its youth to be directed to a positive thought. We put all our efforts in promoting this young country with immense positive energy.

Our objective is to promote youngsters from the grassroots level and give them a platform to showcase their talent. Young India is the next anthem and we sing it.

We simplify success in our events. With ZAE you Feel the Difference

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Ankit Shroff



Utkarsh Sharma



Akshay Negi

Creative Director


Ankur Shroff

Creative Head


Shagun Kumar

Project Advisor


Deepika Aggarwal